Discover your inner giraffe

Book series

The first book in the series of Maya the giraffe, will be available late September 2021.

llustrations and professional translations are ongoing for all books.

The books about Maya contain factual trivia about giraffes and the anatomy of the animals are quite accurate. Nevertheless, all characters remain cartoons, allowing us to understand their dialogues as well as adding some extra color to their environment.’

Each book will be apx 26-30 pages with 12-15 colorful illustrations of animals and their surroundings in Tanzania, Africa. They are suitable for children from 2 years of age.

Maya and the angry lion

Published on Amazon 29th September 2021

Maya has a bad experience with a lion, and the angry lion gives her a hard time as she tries to become friends with him.

Maya however, is not the kind of giraffe who gives up easily.

Norwegian customer?

Email for norwegian version or wait until it shows up on Amazon some time before mid October 2021.

Maya and the cheeky elephants

Maya has an unpleasent encounter with elephants, chasing them away from their home.

Maya and the frightened flamingo

Maya finds a lost flamingo baby and tries to help locate its family.

Maya and the Max the speedster

Maya meets the fastest animal in the world and it turns out he is lost. Maya wants to help and together they face danger.

Maya and the helpful humans

Mayas brother is in trouble and Maya tries to find help.

Maya learns a lesson about life at the savannah

Maya learns about the tough life for animals living side by side at the savannah.

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