«Whenever you worry about the now, make your neck long and look towards the future»

Maya has a reach beyond all other land animals – not just due to her long neck.

Mayagiraffe is the first part of a longer journey about curiosity, creativity and leadership.

The problem
As kids grow up, their natural creativity fades quickly. Most adults lack creative abilities and their natural curiosity has been dampened or sometimes even totally gone to sleep.

Why is this a challenge?
With a limited curiosity, people stop asking important questions which could have lead to innovation and progress. The greatest leaders are most often people with lots of curiosity towards things and issues, but also about their employees. They want to know: What lives within these people and how can we make them shine? They want to uncover their full potential, where others merely take time to read a resumé and perhaps a cover letter.

The question
Which practical steps can we implement to maintain the natural curiosity as people grow older, and how do we nurture that, rather than limit it?

The answer
This is yet to come – however, I believe the mindset of managers in an organisation needs to be aligned on certain things. The sensation employees have, of feeling free to speak their mind, needs to be in place throughout every part of the group.

Who is Maya?

The stories about Maya takes place in Tanzania, Africa. She lives in the savannah with her family and animals of all shapes and sizes.

Maya is a three year old giraffe with big blue eyes and she has an infinity mark on her left side.

The mark of infinity fits her well, as her curiosity has no limits and neither does her goodhearted spirit.

Her endless questions towards the world around her, takes her on new adventures every day.

She often finds herself helping others and this provides a warm fuzzy feeling in that enormous giraffe-heart of hers.

Some adventures are scary, but we promise you that Maya knows how to handle herself.

Feeding your inner giraffe
Art: boy feeding a giant giraffe (Fine Art Gallery 20th Feb 2019.

Discovering your inner giraffe

Maya is not only a giraffe. Her being represents true curiosity, wonder and goodness. She loves to help and make new friends wherever she goes – never judging, just full of wonder.

There may not be such a thing as a selfless act, but there sure are Maya-giraffe acts, and they are about as selfless as they come.

Would you like to join Maya on her adventures?

Come find your own inner giraffe with us.

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